Campervaning versus camping

The age-old battle of the campsite. Which is better? A tent or a campervan? Die-hard camping fans will always claim that the tent is the ultimate outdoor experience. Lightweight, easy to put up and just as easy to take down, tents have been the best way of having a cheap holiday for generations.


Anyone who has ever tried to pitch a tent in a force eight gale and torrential rain will know just how soul destroying it can be. No matter how good a tent is, a leak will eventually ensure that your bedding, change of clothes and even your socks are as damp as the rest of you. Unless you’re going for a family-sized construction with separate rooms for the kids and a communal area in the middle, there’s not much privacy either and they can be very cramped. And if it suddenly turns cold outside, it’s going to turn cold inside too.

Yes, camping has the advantage of being a cheap way of spending a couple of weeks away from your normal environment, and quite often site camping plots are considerably cheaper than a campervan plot. So what advantages does a campervan have?

The obvious…
The first and most obvious advantage of a campervan is that there’s no need to spend an hour in the rain trying to find your tent pegs. With a campervan you just park up, pop the top (if you’re lucky enough to have a pop-top van) and get the kettle on. When you’re ready to move on all you have to do is take the top down, get in the driving seat and you’re off. Pitching and striking takes all of 30 seconds, even in a force eight gale.

Cooking on a camping stove may be some people’s idea of fun, but the campervan has the advantage there too. A decent sized stove can greatly increase the variety of meals you can cook, especially if you have kids along too. You’re not restricted to bacon and eggs or stew in a tin – and with plenty of storage space you can take your provisions with you instead of searching for a local shop late in the evening in the vain hope that they haven’t run out of bread.

And then there’s the leaks. In a campervan (unless the seal on the pop-top’s starting to crack!) you don’t get that infuriating and unexpected drip down the back of the neck at three in the morning. Your clothes and your bedding stay dry and you can even leave muddy boots outside under the van so you don’t trample dirt inside.

The not so obvious…
Sometimes trying to find a campsite late in the evening can be a tough job for even the most organised of camping enthusiasts. With a campervan a quiet lay-by can serve as a makeshift stop, as long as you don’t mind the occasional bit of traffic noise. Campervans give you a lot more freedom in where you choose to stop for the night, but do check any local by-laws and restrictions before you plot up (they can often be found on notice boards in larger lay-bys).

While camping invariably means blow up mattresses that suddenly develop a slow puncture in the middle of the night, with a campervan you have the luxury of a proper mattress and all the bedding you could want. Warm, cosy and comfortable, a campervan will easily sleep four and some will even sleep six (at a push).

If you’re talking practicalities, then the campervan wins every time. Stuffed full of everything you need to just get up and go on a whim, there’s a lot less organisation required to go campervaning. But for the real die-hards you can always put a tent in the van as well, just in case you fancy a night under canvas!

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Self Catering Cottages in Cornwall

The county of Devon in the United Kingdom is known to be the perfect holiday destination. Cornwall with its many seaside towns and picturesque countryside has captivated visitors for years and has become a popular tourist hot spot. Many of Devon’s town are equipped to cater to visitors with a various number of accommodation options. Some tourists prefer a holiday that is a little different from all others where they are able to really take control of all aspects of their stay and opt to rent out a self-catering cottage in Cornwall.

Self-catering cottages in Cornwall provides visitors to the area with a variety of options guaranteed to meet their every need. The types of cottages available in Cornwall range from cosy country cottages, to seafront modern cottages. Most of the self-catering cottages have picturesque views that are sure to make your vacation that much more extraordinary. You will be able to find a self-catering cottage in Cornwall that can fit you and the people you are travelling with regardless of the number.

One big advantage of renting a self-catering cottage is that you are able to benefit from a comfortable environment where you are in control of the schedule and all meals. For those travellers who enjoy food and the freedom to cook their own meals a self-catering cottage is the ideal choice. Cornwall offers many delights such as Cornish pasties, which you can try your hand at making. The fresh local seafood makes cooking a pleasure. Cooking together can be a fun activity for family and friends travelling together to partake in. Cooking a meal can bring the whole group together while on holiday.

Self-catering cottages in Cornwall are available all year around so that you can visit the area when it best suits you. Since Cornwall is located in the south of the country, the weather is much pleasanter so it is a great place to spend summers and winters.

Self-catering cottages are the perfect way to enjoy a holiday where you are truly in a comfortable environment that is practically like home. Having your own cottage while on holiday means that you will have more chances to explore and experience the local culture, cuisine and sites. When you are planning your next holiday, make sure that you consider renting a self-catering cottage Cornwall.

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Spend Christmas break in Devon

This Christmas break why not try something different and spend the holiday season in the beautiful county of Devon. Christmas breaks in Devon are sure to delight everyone who wants to get away from home and yet have a satisfying and relaxing experience.

Devon is the perfect destination for a Christmas break because not only is it a renowned holiday destination but the weather is milder than the rest of the country. Devon offers it visitors wonderful countryside by the coast as well as some picturesque resort towns geared towards the visitors every need. Since most visitors spending Christmas break away from home would want a cosy setting to spend their holiday as well as one that offers them the most amount of activity and fun. Devon offers visitors the chance to spend Christmas break by the beach as well as to enjoy outdoor activities.

Devon offers visitors great accommodation choices over Christmas breaks and ranging from large hotels to cosy bed and breakfasts. For visitors who enjoy staying at hotels that have every possible amenity and luxury for great rates Devon has some great hotels such as the Thurlestone Hotel. When you are booking your accommodation for Christmas break in Devon make sure you pick a hotel that offers you a wide range of activities as well as the opportunity to truly experience a great traditional Christmas.

Since you will want to be pampered this Christmas season, make sure the place that you choose offers you spa facilities within the hotel itself so that you can relax and enjoy your stay without having to travel too far. If you are travelling with children make sure that the hotel offers various activities to keep them occupied. A hotel with a paddle pool and a large outdoor area is perfect for children as it allows them to stay active and busy. For adults the hotel should have a range of activities such as golf, tennis or other sporting activities.

This Christmas make sure that you truly have a relaxing break by spending it in a great holiday destination such as Devon where you are sure to have a memorable holiday whether with friends or family. You might find that you discover a place where you will keep coming back to, a place that becomes a Christmas tradition with you. Christmas breaks in Devon are sure to be a holiday that is memorable for you and everyone you holiday with.

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Great Fragrances by Calvin Klein

Known for being a fashion label that embodies the meaning of class and style Calvin Klein Perfumes also follow in these footsteps with fragrances that are classic, fresh and chic. Calvin Klein products are contemporary are made with the highest standards in mind.

There is a range of Calvin Klein perfume and colognes that have been created over the years to satisfy its customers. Started in the 1980’s the designer label has produced over 20 fragrances for both men and women. Some of these Calvin Klein perfumes have gone on to becoming very popular and earned the brand a name in the perfume industry. One such Calvin Klein perfume is the iconic Eternity for men and women that was created in the late 1980’s, this perfume is tied very closely to the Calvin Klein brand. Another very popular perfume produced by the label is CK One which is a unisex perfume produced in the 90’s, this perfume was very popular among the younger generation and following a string of successful advertising campaigns the fragrance was a high seller.

Calvin Klein perfume come in a range of fragrances so that you are sure to find one that suits you. Ranging from sporty and bold to floral and light the Calvin Klein perfume label has produced some wonderful fragrances for men and women. To find a Calvin Klein perfume that suits you follow the tips given below.

  • Go to a perfumery and peruse their range of Calvin Klein perfumes.
  • Most perfumeries will have the standard perfumes as well as the latest fragrances produced by the label.
  • Using the test cards provided sprits a small amount of perfume on to the card. Start with three fragrances so that you can compare them.
  • Give the perfume time to fully develop before making a decision as to which ones you like.
  • Once you have gone through this process with the perfumes you want to sample narrow your selection down to three and ask for samples of these Calvin Klein perfumes.
  • Once you have the samples use them for a week and see which one you really prefer. You will then have time to see how the fragrance reacts to your skin, how it makes you feel as well as if it suits your image.
  • When you have made your final choice, you can then go about purchasing the fragrance.

Remember that you can find great deals on perfumes in online perfume and cosmetic shops as well so make sure you look around for the best deal on Calvin Klein Perfume.

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Celebrate your special day in style

Weddings are meant to be celebrated in style so that it is a memorable day for everyone. The venue that you chose is extremely important, as this is where it will all take place. The venue should have the ambiance that you desire and should be special enough to hold such an important celebration.

You should start scouting out a venue by looking in to hotels and restaurants that cater to private functions within their dining area. The designated area should be geared towards private functions and ideally, it should be separate from the rest of their dining area. Alternatively, if they do not have a specific area for private functions they should give you the option to hire the whole place out for the wedding function. Restaurants that provide you with a choice of rooms or halls are ideal as you will then be able to choose a venue depending on the number of people who will be attending the wedding. Smaller weddings can be accommodated in a smaller area where as larger weddings will need to be held in a venue large enough to accommodate all the guests. The room or hall needs to be big enough to accommodate all the dining tables and chairs as well as a dance floor and other wedding décor. If the venue is an indoor area then you should make sure that there is air-conditioning and heating to suit the conditions of the season, you will be getting married in. You would not want your guests to be sweating from heat or shivering because of the cold.

If the venue you chose to have your wedding at is geared towards private functions such as wedding then they may already have contacts with other professionals in the wedding industry whose services you will require. The staff might be able to direct you towards professionals such as photographers, florists, cake makers and others whose services you will need for your wedding function. This will make it easier for you to organise because everyone will be familiar with the location.

The advantage of having your wedding at a restaurant that caters for private function is that you are guaranteed a great menu. If the restaurant is renowned for its food and wine then you can be sure that your guests will be satisfied with the food at your wedding. The chef may even be able to create a special menu for your private function so that your special day is made even more memorable.

The day you get married should be a special one so you should take every measure possible to choose the best venue for the occasion.

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Coach Holidays to Picturesque Torquay

Can there be any other way to indulge in a serene and picturesque get away than to take a coach holiday to a holiday destination such as Torquay? Torquay is a quaint little seafront town located along the beautiful coast of the county of Devon and it is a perfect place to get away for a relaxing vacation.

This lovely little town located in the south of Devon and has earned the title of being the ‘English Riviera’ due to its popularity as a resort town. Visitors can enjoy the brisk and fresh sea air while strolling along the inviting sandy beach of Torquay’s many beaches. The town itself is a tourists dream as its resort town ambience is sure to delight anyone who visits it. Visitors can stroll through town and visit the local shops, pubs, and tearooms at their leisure when they are not spending time on the beaches.

Those who enjoy exploring the local area and its surroundings will be pleased to know that there are plenty of excursions that can be made from Torquay to other parts of Devon, towns such as Exeter and Torbay are driving distance away. Visitors can take trips to neighbouring towns and villages in Devon to get a sense of history, culture, and industry on the island.

Torquay has some special tourist attractions of its own apart from the spectacular beaches the harbour is a place worth visiting for those who enjoy boats and ships. Kents Cavern is another popular attraction that draws visitors from a far; this cave is an important pre-historic archaeological site. These are but a few of the attractions that Torquay has to offer is visitors.

Taking a coach holiday to Torquay will allow you to unwind and enjoy your vacation completely. Since coach holidays to Torquay are all detailed and organised for you all you have to do is sign up and let the operator organise everything else. To ensure that you have a carefree holiday make sure that you choose a coach holiday operator that has its own coaches as well as accommodation in the area in which you will be staying. Ideally, the operator you chose should see to every single detail from travel and accommodation to entertainment.

Whether you are travelling with family, friends or by yourself, a coach holiday to Torquay is sure to be a tranquil and fulfilling holiday.

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Buying children’s toys for the holiday season

When Christmas time draws near the sales of toys increases significantly and most toy companies make use of this to flood the market with new toys to attract children. While the vast majority of toys in the market are more a marketing ploy that adds very little to a child’s development there are some toys that are beneficial to a child’s development. Parents need to learn how to navigate through the toy department to find children’s toys that actually contribute positively to their children’s development and enrich their play.

Instead buying the latest gimmick toy on in the market parents should shop around and try to find toys that are educational and developmentally appropriate for their children. Children’s toys should be age appropriate and they should in some way contribute to a child gaining skills in cognition, motor- coordination, creativity, and imagination. Since play is a huge part of development parents should use toys as tool to help their children gain the skills they require for the future. Toys that are created specifically to challenge and foster these skills are ideal Christmas presents for children.

Since quite a lot of money is spent on toys parents should make sure that the toys they purchase are made well and produced using high quality materials. Some toy makers and brands take a lot of trouble to ensure that the toys are made with non-toxic raw materials and that they are sturdy and durable. While major toy stores will stock toys from a wide range of toy companies without much thought as to the beneficial value of the children’s toys they sell, some smaller toy vendors sell toys that are crafted specifically with a child’s development in mind. Parents should avoid going to the first children’s toy store they see. Instead, they should shop around, especially online, to find a store that caters to their children’s developmental needs. A store that supplies toys that are made with quality in mind as well as serves some educational or developmental purpose to children should be a parent’s first choice.

Children’s toys such as puzzles, blocks, pretend play toys, arts and craft games and toys are all great choices for Christmas presents. These types of toys develop cognition, fine motor coordination, visual perception, creativity, imagination and social skills. Different toys target different skills and are made for different ages groups so parents should choose toys that are age appropriate.

Through play, a child can learn so much and practice and fine tune the skills that they need to develop in a fun and multi-sensory way. It is a parent’s job to provide their children with the correct tools to aide development by buying toys that are educational.

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Get hooked on snorkelling!

Snorkelling is an activity that can be enjoyed by just about anyone who is keen on exploring spectacular world that lies underwater. Whether you are on holiday by the sea or you are lucky enough to live close to the sea snorkelling should be an activity you add to your list of hobbies. It is less intensive than Suba diving and there is perfect for a wide range of people and allows marine enthusiast a chance to get a glimpse of marine life.

Unlike Scuba diving or other water sports snorkelling does not necessitate the use of a lot of equipment and can be accomplished with just three basic things, a snorkel, a dive mask and fins. With just these three sets of Snorkelling Equipment, you will be quite capable of having a wonderful underwater excursion.

Of course, a snorkel is fundamental for snorkelling and there are varieties of snorkels available in the market from which you can choose. They may vary in design, purpose and price so you should chose one that suits your needs as well as your specific budget. Choose one that is made by a reputed brand so that you are assured a quality product.

A dive mask is another essential piece of snorkelling equipment you will need to invest in if you want to take up snorkelling. The mask should fit your face comfortably without being too restrictive. Straps on the mask make it easier for the wearer to adjust the mask so that it fits well. Having a mask that fits properly reduces the chance of water leaking in to the mask requiring the snorkeler to continuously clear the mask.

Fins are a much needed for anyone who is thinking of taking up snorkelling as they help the snorkeler swim with greater ease. Having a pair of fins that fit well is the most important aspect of choosing a pair of fins. The fins should neither be too tight nor too loose fitting that will hinder swimming. You can choose from two styles of fins the ‘full foot’ fins and the ‘open heel’ fins.

Once you have acquired your basic snorkelling equipment you will be able to explore all that the sea has to offer you! Just make sure that you get familiar with the Snorkelling Equipment before embarking on an excursion. Take time to wear the gear and get used to it in shallow water before swimming out too deep.

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Types of Rugby Training Equipment

Rugby training equipment is essential for teams that play competitively whether on a professional level or on an amateur level. Teams need proper practice sessions to hone in their skills and to work on their fitness levels and that is why having the right kind of rugby training equipment is important. The right type of rugby training equipment will make all practice sessions and warm up sessions more productive and different types of equipment will work out a different skill that the plays must develop.

First and most importantly, teams should invest in training bibs so that practice games would run a lot smoother and will be less confusing. Team practice bibs easily help divide the team in to groups and help distinguish practice teams and positions. Most sports equipment stores will offer training bibs and vests that come in a range of colours and they usually come in a one-size-fits-all sizing. Training bibs allow players to save their official team wear for proper games so that they are not soiled in practice sessions. Most training bibs are loose fitting for unrestricted movement and are made from durable fabric.

Tag belts are a piece of rugby training equipment that is very useful when playing practice games. Playing tag rugby is a great was to practice the skills needed for rugby without the physical contact endured during a real game. Player wear a tag belt that can t be used to indicate a tackle instead of the player having to be physically tackled so that the chases of physical injury is reduced during practice games. Since it is less physically demanding than a regular rugby game, tag rugby is a great alternative for young children. To practice skills such as evasion, mirroring and marking, evasion belts are a type of rugby training equipment that every team should invest in.

The team should also have some rugby training equipment which work on the players agility and conditioning. These sets of rugby training equipment are most often used on the field when the team is training. Boundary poles, coned ladder sets, hoop ladder sets and ladder sets help develop and improve a players speed and agility on the field.

Having the proper rugby training equipment can be key to your teams success as a team that has productive training session is sure to do well in games.

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Stylish and playful lingerie, the perfect present

This Christmas you may want to indulge a little and pamper yourself with a present of your very own, why not get yourself the perfect lingerie. Having the right lingerie will make you feel your very best this holiday season.

May people disregard the importance of good quality lingerie because they are of the belief that since it is worn under your clothes it is a less important piece of clothing. Many people purchase the generic brands of lingerie at local discount store that is not the best option. When it comes to lingerie, it is worth investing on designer lingerie that is of better quality, well tailored and stylish.

Lingerie brands such as Aubade specialise in designing garments that are chic as well as ones that fit perfectly and provide you with the support you need. Aubade lingerie differs from generic brands not just due to their well-designed and crafted products but also by the quality of fabrics used. Most generic brands made products that will stretch, fade or shrink after few washes. Since fit is the most important aspect of lingerie it is important to have a garment which holds its shape even after multiple washes. Designer lingerie such as Aubade is made from quality materials that are made to withstand multiple washes and be durable.

Aubade lingerie is the epitome of style and sensuality as each piece is designed with a theme in mind and is crafted to be modern and comfortable. Aubade’s collection of lingerie is sure to make any woman feel sexy and self-confident. Their collection of lingerie ranges in styles cut and colour palette every season. Aubade like other designer brands excels at making their products stylish yet comfortable for the wearer. Aubade’s lingerie designs make the wearer feel confident, sexy and comfortable by using superior material, good tailoring and the use of colour.

So the next time you are shopping for others think of yourself as well and buy yourself the prefect set of lingerie from Aubade so you can celebrate this holiday season in style! Remember that what you wear under your clothes is just as important as the clothes themselves as the right lingerie can make your clothes fit you that much better and make you look and feel great!

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